4/9 : Sleepingfish issue 0.9375 is coming soon! As a teaser, check out this 5¢ Interview with Noy Holland.

3/1 thru 3/3: We'll be at AWP. 

2/25 : Review of Danielle Dutton's Attempt at a Life posted on 5¢ense, though it ended up being more a review of the environment I was reading it in, complete with useful tips on mice-catching.

2/21 : The Economy of Words: Calamari Press/Sleepingfish Earnings Report for 2006.

2/21 : Robert Lopez' Part of the World is now available. 

2/15 : The submission period for the next Sleepingfish is closed. Thanks to everyone who submitted, we received lots of strong work. Stay tuned ...

 2/15 : Excerpt from Robert Lopez' Part of the World on 5¢ense.

2/11 : a few words (5) with Gary Lutz on 5¢ense.

2/4 : The final two installments from Morocco on 5¢ense, on goat trees and rocking the casbahs, and boats, cats and castles made of sand.

2/1 : The new Caketrain has some work by Robert Lopez, Pedro Ponce, Matthew Derby and Brian Evenson amongst others.

1/26 : Norman Lock was at KGB Bar.

1/24 : The Revisionist by Miranda Mellis is now available.

1/21 : Josh Cohen at KGB Bar

1/21 : 5¢ense moves to it's own server. Also posted the second installment of the Morocco Field report: Barbary Apes & Berber Belly Dancing.

1/12/2007 : Back from Morocco, here's the first field report. Others to follow.

Sleepingfish was on sabbatical from Dec. 24 to Jan. 8, 2007 to try to get a picture of tree-climbing goats for the next cover. Sorry for any delays in correspondence. Happy new year.

12/17 : Cooper Renner interviews Kim Chinquee.

11/29 : pictures of street art from Seville and Granada posted on 5¢ense.

11/18 : Carlos Luis has a new online chapbook of calligraphic work up on Avance.

11/7 : Christian Peet read at the Poetry Project on November 13 with Dana Teen Lomax, Jane Sprague, Matvei Yankelevich and Wendy Walters.

11/4 : Eduardo Recife, whose image graces the cover of Sleepingfish 0.875, launched a new commercial website showcasing some of his mind-blowing work.

11/1/06 : interview on Powell's Blog

10/15 : submissions are now being considered for the next issue. See guidelines.

10/15 : some images from Miranda Mellis' The Revisionist posted on 5¢ense.

10/12 : Nominations for this year's Pushcart from Sleepingfish 0.875: “a fable for eri” by Ali Aktan Aşkın, “The Subjunctive Mood” by Joseph Salvatore, 2 excerpts from “The Drownable Species” by Brian Evenson and “get off here” by Dana Kooperman. Kudos to these authors.

10/10/06 : pictorial travelogue of Paris posted on 5¢ense.

September 2006 saw over 10,000 unique visitors to Sleepingfish/5¢ense from 87 different countries, including 12 visitors from Tuvalu, the second least populous country in the world. What people were searching for... 

9/12 : Peter Markus' Good, Brother is now available from Calamari Press

9/03 : Christian Peet has a new one out from Palm Press. Here's the evolution of the cover art.

8/24 : Norman Lock reviews Mario Bellatin's Chinese Checkers on 5¢ense.

8/12 : Images and impressions from Yucatán on 5¢ense.

8/1/06 to 8/8: a little R&R south of the border. 

7/30 : Sleepingfish 0.875 launch Party was at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn, with readings by Anne Pelletier, Christian TeBordo, Dana Kooperman, Doug Martin, Grace Vajda, Joe Salvatore, Jonathon Dixon, Joshua Cohen, and Nelly Reifler. Thanks to everyone that made it out. 

7/27 : Sleepingfish 0.875 now available through Small Press Distribution.

7/23 : in protest of global warming, I took down my links.

7/21 : final installment of Lance Olsen's Anxious Pleasures is up.

7/9 : issue 0.875 is back from the printers. 

7/7 : posted some images I made for Peter Markus' Good, Brother on 5¢ense.

7/2/06 : third online installment of Lance Olsen's Anxious Pleasures posted.

6/21 : review of Jenny Boully's [one love affair]* posted on 5¢ense.

6/18 : mutti, the second online installment of Lance Olsen's Anxious Pleasures, is now alive.

6/10/06 : Coinciding with the release of John Olson's The Night I Dropped Shakespeare on the Cat, here is his Starlings, which also will appear in Sleepingfish 0.875.

6/6/06 : Some pictures that put the concrete back in "concrete poetry" posted on 5¢ense.

6/4/06 : In anticipation of the release of Sleepingfish 0.875, we'll be publishing serialized excerpts from Lance Olsen's Anxious Pleasures online. The first one, grete, is now available for your reading pleasure. Others to follow in the weeks to come.

5/29/06 : Abandoned Museums : comprehensive review of Sleepingfish and Calamari Press in Tarpaulin Sky. 

3/6/06 : Sleepingfish 0.75 hits Powell's Small Press Top 10.

12/17/05 : Robert Lopez joins me as co-editor for the next Sleepingfish

12/12/05 : review of Sleepingfish 0.75 in Boog City. 

8/25/05 : issue 0.75 of Sleepingfish is published.

2/5/05 : 5¢ense Review blog launched.

10/03/04 : SleepingFish issue 0.5 published.

1/22/2004 : the first issue of Sleepingfish (issue 0) is published.

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