Sorry, if you are looking for links, I took them down. The whole tit-for-tat link exchange business was really getting to me. Sure, google's search engine algorithms favors sites that give and receive links, but all this does is give weight to the pushy link farms at the expense of organic, relevant, real content. I got one too many canned emails from people wanting to exchange links that lacked any human element of interaction or relevancy to Sleepingfish. Giving a shout out should be optional and inspired and not necessarily reciprocated. It should be about discovery and true reciprocal altruism. I provide links (in context) and recommendations of sites or whatever I admire on my 5cense blog. As a point of departure, I leave you with these lyrics by Radiohead:

There are two colours in my head
There are two colours in my head
What, what is that you try to say?
What, what was that you tried to say?
Tried to say.. tried to say..
Tried to say.. tried to say.. tried to say...

Everything, everything, everything..
Everything in its right place

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