EIRE DUB : Photo Essay of Dublin

Derek and Jess snapping these shots on Lower Baggot Street on a weekend in Ireland, January 2006

doorway in Dublin

Dublin Spire (built in 2003)

standing at the gates of Trinity College, Bank of Ireland in background

portrait of the artist as an old wannabe artist

Joyce monuments everywhere, this one in St. Stephens Green

fountain in St. Stephens Green

yes, it's even better in Dublin, smoother

the first imperial pint we had was in Foleys bar on Baggot Street

ducks back in St. Stephens Green

duck swimming across the dreary sky

Grand canal around Dublin

curious Irish sheep

tombstone in Glendalough, where St. Kevin built his 

monastic settlements back in the 6th century

window in Glendalough

hoofing it back in Dublin

market on Moore Street


9 pints & 9 pubs later... 

no smoking law in pubs is strictly enforced

the land where beer and literature go hand in hand

a plaque outside this pub talked about how Joyce said you couldn't cross Dublin without hitting a pub


the locals call it "Temple Barf," and we saw quite a few piles to justify the monniker


view from the Ha'Penny Bridge looking over the Liffey river


view out our Drury street hotel window at South City Market


Where there's rain, there's rainbows. Where there's rainbows there's leprechauns chasing pots of gold.


Dublin Castle


Highly recommended but not pictured is the Chester Beatty Library

which features an extraordinary collection of old book art, typography and art.



Christ Church

their St. Patrick's

the keep of Trim, the king of Irish castles

the moat and river Boyne around Trim


(c) 2006 by Derek White and Jessica Fanzo